RF91 Windfoil Board


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• Boosted planing start in ultra-light conditions
• Foil box set back as far as possible for a very fast “pop” over a very short distance.
• Unique stitch shape placing the front foot higher than the back foot to promote control, give power and ease to the jibe.
New volume distribution placing it in front of the mast foot, to position the foil in the ideal position for take off.

• These new RFs are not only more efficient, they are a major advance in both control and ease.
The RF 91 has a specific deck layout and hull to make flying practice easier. The curvature of the rail is very accentuated towards the hull and a rounded VE on the nose facilitates hard landings without losing speed.
The flat deck plan allows perfect foot contact when the board is against heel. The volume distribution is also studied for a start in foil feet in the footstraps.



rf91 closeup shot.jpg


  • The RF 91 and 81 have specific deck and bottom shape to make foiling easier, Round tucked rail running deep to the bottom shape, the nose shape is built into a slight "round VE" to help the landing and touch down without loosing speed
  • The flat deck shape is design to have the feet in full contact while the board is railing, volume distribution is design to help foiling with feet in the footstraps
  • These are best the foiling boards we have used.  When you fly, you feel like it is just where you are standing that is flying, there is no large swing weight forward of your feet.  It is an amazing feeling of freedom with no large volume of board forward of you.  The underside shape and rails inspire confidence as they just touch off gently from the water from any loss of control.  This confidence of not catching an edge and going over the handle bars allows you to foil relaxed and to improve without the fear of going over the handle bars like other boards.

rf 91_foil_2018.jpg

The all-new Exocet RF-Foil is a board designed completely for hydrofoiling.

Enjoy a relaxed ride in light winds or push yourself to the limit and race, that's what the RF-Foil is made for! 




rf91 limited edit 2019  top.jpg

rf91 limited edition 2019 side.jpg     rf91 limited edition underside.jpg


Texalium 91 - Limited Edition weighs only 7.9 kg 


rf91 limited edition 2019 side side.jpg     RF91: RF91 Windfoil Board - rf91 limited edition 2019.jpg



  RF 81 RF 91
Volume [l] 135 160
Length [cm] 225 230
Width [cm] 81 91
Carbon Weight [kg, +/- 6%] 7.2 8.6
AST Weight [kg, +/- 6%] 9.5 10.6
Rec. Sail Size [sqm] 4.0 - 8.4 4.0 - 10


Deck and bottom shape of the RF-Foil are designed to make foiling easier. With the round tucked rail, which runs deep to the bottom shape and the nose shape is built into a slight rounded "Vee" to help landing and touch down without loosing speed. Deck shape and volume distribution are made for in-strap foiling and comfortable stance..


rf91 base.jpg


  • 4 footstraps



  • Dedicated for foiling in racing or recreational condition,


  • CNC custom for the RF 91 Carbon
  • Molded semi-custom for the RF 81 Carbon
  • Custom finish RF 91 Texallium
  • Molded AST one shot for RF 81 & RF 91
  • CARBON Version: Carbon Biaxial 160gr construction on 80 kg/m3
  • PVC deck and bottom, multiple structural reinforcement on the rail
  • Fiberglass & matt fiber construction recovered with ASA skin on deck and bottom for AST


  1. Unfinished sanded
  2. Glass # 60gr
  3. Wood & glass # 160gr patch
  4. Carbon Bi-axial # 160gr
  5. PVC 80 kg/m3
  6. Glass # 60gr


  1. ASA sheet
  2. Glass # 60gr
  3. Wood 0.6mm & Matt # 360gr patch
  4. Mat # 360gr
  5. Mat # 360gr

Windfoil - Board Test Exocet RF 81 - Outstanding control in all condition





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