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The amazing LINK line is a great board to learn and advance with.  Great for displacement sailing and planning.  Very Light and super strong for better performance and handling. Have the security and use of a daggerboard/centreboard and simply kick it up when you get faster and start planning.

The LINK 10' STD comes with a simplified EVA deck and does not have the wheel.  The Windsup 10' and 11'8 versions are so popular we can never seem to have enough stock of them.  Great for on boats and where you appreciate the nice foam deck verses the carbon, glass or wooden windsup models.  The Tandem is great for families and teaching kids how to windsurf together.



RRP for the Link boards are $1,800.00! The Link Tandem is $2,800.00 - Secure yours now at our fantastic price 


  • ASA
  • Full EVA deck
  • Allgier daggerboard (75, 85 and 100)
  • Integrated wheel for easy transportation (optional on STD and Tandem)
  • 34 cm school fin (75, 85, 100 and STD)



 Model  LINK 10'  STD  LINK 11'8  LINK (75)  M  LINK (85) L  LINK TANDEM







 305 cm

 360 cm

 281 cm

 300 cm

 380 cm


 81.2 cm

 79 cm

 75 cm

 80 cm

 76 cm


 13.9 kg (+/-6%)

 15.8 kg (+/-6%)

 13.5 kg (+/-6%)

 15.5 kg (+/-6%)

 18.0 kg (+/-6%)


 40 cm Power box
+ 56 cm Daggerboard

 44 cm Power box
+ 56 cm Daggerboard

 Cruiser 34 cm Power box
+ Allgaier Daggerboard

 Cruiser 34 cm Power box
+ Allgaier Daggerboard

 Exocet 56 cm Power box
+ Daggerboard Flush 80 cm

 Sail Size

 4.5 - 8.0 m2

 4.5 - 8.0 m2

 1.5 - 9.0 m2

 1.5 - 9.0 m2

 1.5 - 11.0 m2




Picture above shows the typical construction of Exocet boards with the different layers and materials  


Below is a link for the matching board bag for these boards (We recommend MIX - XL for the 75, MIX - XXL for the 85 and 100)

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