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Meet the latest additions to the AXIS family. They may be small but we're expecting great things from them. 
These small ART PROs are designed for those looking to push limits. Perhaps you want to be the fastest wingfoiler, win foiling competitions, or you might be into the pure insanity of tow-foiling huge fast-moving ocean mountains; so rest assured, these small ART PROs open all those doors and more.
We've added 4 new sizes to the ART PRO wings.

ART PRO 901, 686 cm2
ART PRO 851, 634 cm2
ART PRO 801, 582 cm2
ART PRO 751, 518 cm2





Who wants to go faster than ever before, but with the confidence of total control? 

Are you ready to push and test your limits, while confident that it won’t be the foil limits that govern your performance? 

Do you want to use the same front wing for fast winging, SUP downwind, and even prone? 

Are you craving a foil that goes where you steer it, with no hesitation, no uncertainty, just clinical precision. If you answered yes to any of the above, we have the answer for you… ART PRO

These are the actual foils that delivered a Moloka’i 2 Oah’u gold medal for Olivia Piana on the ART PRO 1051, a 3rd place for Edo Tanas, a 4th Place for Kai Lenny (both on ART PRO951) and a 9th place for Perth Standlick on the ART PRO 1051. All standard production models. 

Very fast high-performance wings, that offer a new level of performance potential for riders to exploit. 

Each member of the ART PRO foil range is a wing in its own right, not simply a scaled version of its closest sibling. All the ART PRO's share the following:

  • An extended elliptical outline.
  • A straight median line for better turning and control.
  • Narrower chords for lower drag overall.
  • Less overall turn down especially in the tips.
  • Less complicated shapes in general.
  • Lower drag foil section on the smaller versions
  • All ART PRO's have aspect ratios between 11 and 12

ART PRO foils are ideally matched with our Black Advance fuselage and Skinny rear wing ranges.

What can you expect from the ARTPRO range?
Each member of the family is a wing in its own right, not simply scaled versions of its closest sibling, however, expect chord values to drop drastically as spans reduce. These are fast high performance wings and as such are perhaps not as accessible to intermediate riders as the ART’s that proceeded them. While they deliver amazing performance characteristics, they are infinitely manageable for mere mortals.
As a consequence of the performance gains discovered during the development of ARTPRO range, we realised that taking full advantage of this performance required a rethink of rear stabilisers. Enter the AXIS Skinny rear wing range, reduced chord rear wings, reducing pressure build-up and providing a better balance for the low chord front wings, resulting in additional performance gains, more fluid gliding and thrilling turns.





Axis Pro 1401 Review Tried this on my 7'7" downwind board in conjunction with Foil Drive Foil Assist + in 3" to 12" non braking waves at Orewa beach (four sessions so far). It is nothing short of a magic carpet! Gets on foil at a similar speed/time as the 1310. The difference is that you really have to hold down the 1310 (more front foot pressure) as you accelerate onto the wave while with the 1401 you just have to un weight the foil for a moment then it's foiling and accelerates away. I couldn't believe how easy it was to turn! Pumps back out superbly. I am 75KG using Advance fuselage and 350P stab and 750 19mm Alloy mast (while using with Foil Assist+) I can't believe how much fun you can now have in micro waves. The 1401 will likely be my go to foil for SUP foiling / Foil Assist in surf up to 1-2 feet; we get a lot of that at Orewa. I can surf more than a wave a minute in these conditions and as with the 1310 my battery lasts over an hour - I am still not skilled enough to link waves with out the Foil Assist+ so am looking to extend the sessions further when I can. Have had one session winging (45 skinny stab and 900 Carbon HM mast) in conditions that were far from suitable (14 knots wind and 1.5M waves at 3 second intervals, typical N.E. Orewa beach). Perfect for a smaller Spitfire but thought I would try the 140 anyway! So long as I kept away from the steep sections of the wave the glide was unbelievable and the turns were easy! The 1201 has of late been my light wind weapon of choice, and is still likely my preference if I am allowed just one foil, as per a recent trip to New Caledonia. But I can't wait to try the 1401 in really light but consistent sea breeze with the down wind board and 8m F-One wing, roll on summer! Andrew Wilson 03/12/2023
Andrew W

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