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The WAVE PRO.SUP has been designed for the most demanding surfers.


Very light, the WAVE PRO blade offers an incredible floatability providing better support in surf and in propulsion. 


Wave surf


This is the ulitmate paddle made in France to the most exacting standards at and an unbelievable price for a full carbon paddle!


Very comfortable, the WAVE PRO is equipped with an ovalized shaft enabling to paddle from one side to the other of the board very easily. 


The oval shaft is a revelation compared to the normal shaft shapes, its stonger and feels great. 



Blades dimensions
WAVE PRO dimension (cm) Surface (cm²)
Large 47,5 x 21,5 cm 712
Medium 45,5 x 20,6 cm 653
Small 44 x 20,6 cm 619



Wave_ Pro_blades


Ergonomic Full carbon shaft with ovalized tube 33x28,5mm with round head ( 26,5 mm)
Fast-Lock adjustable system option available : over 12 cm by 3 cm intervals
Carbon S-Lock

Angle : 10°  Wave_ Pro_ Backface_h

Soft Ergo Grip handle & Ergo Grip handle (delivered stuck or not stuck on demand)

in order to help you choose your paddle and finding the configuration which is appropriate to you, you’ll find below the answers to the questions that you ask.

What is the type of program of the WAVE PRO ?

The WAVE PRO is a Stand Up surf racing paddle, which means that you can use it to surf with a Stand Up Surf board. You can also use it for fitness, rambling or long-distance Stand Up races

Are there different blades sizes available for the WAVE PRO ?

There are three sizes available for the WAVE PRO :

  • Small for women and small builds.
  • Medium for standard builds.
  • Large for stronger builds.

What materials are the blades of the WAVE PRO made of ?

The blades of the WAVE PRO are made with carbon prepeg

Are there several shafts available for the WAVE PRO ?

Yes, there are 2 shafts are available :

  • FLEXIBLE carbon shaft.
  • RIGID carbon shaft.

What are the advantages of the different adjusting systems available on the WAVE PRO ?

You can choose among several options for your WAVE PRO :

  • Fixed or Mono: This option means that you have no displaceable adjusting system on your WAVE PRO. The length is fixed.
  • Fast Lock System: The Fast-Lock can be adjusted over 12 cm, by 3cm intervals. It enables you to quickly adjust the length of the paddle.
    This option is recommended for all the surfers who want to adjust their paddle according to the current conditions.

What length should I choose for my WAVE PRO ?

In the example below, the rider size will be 1m85

  • If You want a fix paddle : In order to determine the best size for your WAVE PRO, you must add between 21 and 23 cm over your size. (Eg: 185 + 23 = 208 : the optimized size for your WAVE PRO will be 208cm)
  • If You want a personalized adjusting system for your paddle, In order to determine the best size for your WAVE PRO, you must add 27 cm over your size.< br />(Eg: 185 + 20 = 205 : the optimized size for your WAVE PRO will be 205/217)
    You can also use it as you prefer, between 205/208/211/214/217 –with 208 as optimized size.

What is the weight of the WAVE PRO ?

The weight of your WAVE PRO depends on the elements you will choose for your blade and shaft. Here are some weight examples :

  • WAVE PRO Medium – 212cm : 590gr
  • WAVE PRO Medium - 188/200 :625 gr
  • WAVE PRO Large – 197/209 cm : 630gr

Choose your overall length and Blade size below using the drop down menu and click buy. The adjustable Fast lock system has two lengths shown.  These lengths can be extended smaller and larger if you drill some more holes for the fast lock system.

 The Select Team Sup Racer below from left:

Arthur Arutkin, Olivia Piana and Eric Terrien.

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