Ronstan 30mm High Load Block


NEW -  Ronstan Series 30 HHL Lashing Block!


Introducing the new RF35109HL Series 30 HHL Lashing Block for high load applications.  



·         HHL sheave and bearing race: Grade 2205 stainless steel, Balls: Grade 316

·         Frame/cheeks: Glass fibre reinforced nylon

·         MWL: 550kg (1210lb), BL: 1650kg (3630lb)

·         Max. Rope: 8mm (5/16”)

·         Product weight: 42g (1.5g)


The RF35109 HHL Block with lashing hub
and becket option was designed with
the latest rigging trends in mind.

• IMPORTANT: In order to meet the stated Breaking Load this block must be
lashed with the lashing, strop or link passing through the central hub. The
Breaking Load is dependent on the strength of the lashing.

• The Breaking Load of the assembly (block + lashing) is generally limited by the
strength of the rope and the joining method. Knots, splices, stitching, etc. will
generally have a lower Breaking Load than the rope itself.

• It is possible to use up to 8mm lashing line for lashing the RF35109 running in a single
pass through the hub, but a neater result with more secure knotting may be achieved
by using a smaller line size with multiple passes. The RF35109HL Series 30 HHL block
with lashing hub and becket option is supplied with 200mm (8”) of 1.0mm (1/16”) diam.
PES whipping twine to secure the lashing line to the head.


RF35109HL: Ronstan HHL Block with lashing hub - rf35109hl with lashing strop and rf614 shackle.jpg             

With Shackle mounting option
Example of using shackle mounting option.
RF614 narrow shackle with 3/16” pin and RF9004-09 Dyneema® Soft Link.
Note when using these accessories as a mounting option the BL is reduced to 1300kgs (2860lbs).


             RF35109HL: Ronstan HHL Block with lashing hub - rf35109 with lashing.jpg


• For best results, the lashing must be attached to a mounting point with a smooth, well
rounded profile to avoid excessive chafe..

• Avoid attaching directly to fittings with sharp edges or rough surfaces that may damage
the lashing through abrasion or point loading. For this situation use a shackle with a
smooth surface between the lashing and the fitting. Regularly inspect the lashing for
damage and replace if necessary.

• Lashings will eventually suffer degradation from fatigue, wear and UV exposure. Like
all running and standing rigging, lashings should be inspected as a part of your regular
boat maintenance program and replaced if they show significant wear or fibre damage.


RF35109HL: Ronstan HHL Block with lashing hub - rf35109hl with becket hub in use.jpg


Melbourne, Australia – Modern high performance and foiling sailboats now experience much higher loads on their control systems. Ronstan’s new 30mm HHL Lashing Block is the perfect solution for these applications. RF35109HL 30mm lashing block for high-load applications When world champions choose a product, there is always a good reason. In the case of this new 30mm lashing block, World Moth Champion, Paul Goodison, uses it in his vang system because it handles the high loads with low friction, giving him fingertip control.


The new block, specifically designed for modern high-performance foiling, skiff and multihull classes, suits any applications where high loads are experienced. Typical applications include high load vang purchase systems on Mo


Typical applications include high load vang purchase systems on Moth and Lasers, halyards on 16 and 18ft skiffs; cunninghams, outhauls and backstay purchase systems just to name a few. The RF35109HL has a maximum line size of 8mm and is rated to 550kgs (1210lbs) Maximum Working Load and 1650kgs (3630lbs) Breaking Load. The Breaking Load is dependent on the strength of the lashing through the central hub. The hub can also double as a becket take off point.

Such a high load rating is unique for a block of this size. At just 42 grams (1.5oz) its impressive strength-to-weight ratio is a result of clever design and the selection of the right materials, such as glass fibre reinforced nylon cheeks, a high-grade stainless-steel sheave, ball race and balls.



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