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Results Icebreaker 28 September 2008

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Manly Sailing Club

Full Rig Fleet

Sailed:4, Discards:1, To count:3, Entries:31, Scoring system:ISAF standard scoring
136733Travis DowYouthTutukaka SPYC1.0(8.0)1.01.0 11.03.01st
178818Scott LeithAppr MasterPupuke BC(9.0) 20.011.02nd
7777Grant NixonMasterKohi(16.0) 30.014.03rd
186721Mark OramsMasterTorbay SC6.01.0(15.0)8.0 30.015.04th
177771Murray ThomMasterManly2.05.08.0(DNC) 47.015.05th
136738Garry LockGrand MasterRNZYS5.07.04.0(13.0) 29.016.06th
178795Richard BlakeyAppr MasterTamaki8.0(13.0)7.03.0 31.018.07th
170532Daniel JonesYouthManly4.09.0(18.0)10.0 41.023.08th
64Glen SowryMasterTamaki(11.0) 35.024.09th
181719Nick PageMasterPupuke3.012.013.0(32.0 ocs) 60.028.010th
172224Luuk van Basten BatenburgAppr MasterPupuke BC13.0(17.0)3.014.0 47.030.011th
150073David LoweMasterPupuke7.0(22.0)17.06.0 52.030.012th
145571Mark TilletMasterManly SC(23.0) 54.031.013th
177775Jeff CoffinMasterPanmure Lagoon SC10.011.014.0(17.0) 52.035.014th
181964Don SalthouseMasterMSC22.014.02.0(32.0 DNS) 70.038.015th
95374Scott TillettYouthManly SC17.0(23.0)12.09.0 61.038.016th
192280Mike JonesMasterManly18.010.0(24.0)12.0 64.040.017th
175277Bob BlakeyGrand MasterTamaki15.016.0(27.0)15.0 73.046.018th
148919Don McGlashanMasterPupuke(21.0) 68.047.019th
188808Sandy GriggGreat Grand MasterTamaki14.020.0(22.0)19.0 75.053.020th
187891Mike PascoAppr MasterManly20.015.019.0(32.0 ocs) 86.054.021st
159999Ross MortonGreat Grand MasterManly Sailing Club(26.0) 81.055.022nd
18171Thomas BorrmannMasterPupuke(25.0) 88.063.023rd
184682Karl NicholsonAppr Master 19.024.0(26.0)20.0 89.063.024th
162110Nigel HalliburtonYouthTamaki(32.0 dns)2.032.0 ocsDNC 98.066.025th
171102Mark PageMasterManly12.0(32.0 dns)23.0DNC 99.067.026th
3Phil ClarkAppr MasterManly(28.0) 97.069.027th
110676Keith BrowneAppr MasterManly24.027.0(28.0)21.0 100.072.028th
187893Mike KnowsleyAppr MasterManly(32.0 dnf)32.0 ocs16.032.0 ocs 112.080.029th
178663Paul MinorsYouthMBSC27.029.030.0(DNC) 118.086.030th
148920Mickey WestmorelandGrand MasterPupuki Boating Club(32.0 dnf)28.029.0DNC 121.089.031st

Radial Fleet

Sailed:5, Discards:1, To count:4, Entries:10, Scoring system:ISAF standard scoring
187890Andrew ChildOpenMBSC1.02.0(5.0)
184218Spencer LoxtonYouthWhangarei CC2.
187887Nic CroftYouthManly3.08.02.0(11.0 ocs)
179384Georgi YankovMasterPupuke(7.0)
191622Robert PascoYouthManly5.01.0(10.0)
185382Rawiri GeddesYouthKerikeri CC(6.0)
190322Tim ShortMasterSandspit8.
193014Mark MinorsYouthMBSC4.09.08.0(11.0 ocs)
168648Dave AlmondGrand MasterTamaki9.0(10.0)
192609Jordan ColesYouthTauranga(11.0 dnf)7.07.0DNCDNC47.036.010th

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