Point 7 SADO 4G PowerWave (5-batten)


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SADO 4G, power to dominate the wave.


This wave sail deliver power at all time. Power in manoeuvres, during cut backs and through bottom turns.


The Sado is ideal for heavier sailors, for unstable conditions and bump’n jump sessions.





It’s all in the details!

The SADO 4G combines power and drive to put the rider in complete control. Drive that will propel you towards the lip of the wave, no matter the angle of the wind, making this new development an ideal partner in all conditions.

The SADO 4G has massive amounts of power allowing lighter sailors to use a smaller sized sail than normal and benefit from the stability gained through the new deeper, forward positioned profile in the sail. Together with a harmonious straight opening leech, the wind range of the SADO 3G has been taken one step further to handle anything that Mother Nature throws at it!

Top batten twist will control the whole sail body catching the wind during cutbacks and assist sail rotation during air time or in manoeuvres. The straight-cut sail foot is shaped specifically for power and balance, giving no hindrance during cutbacks or new school manoeuvres. The forward profile of the sail produces ox-driven power and drive without putting additional pressure on the fin; allowing for natural use on both single and multi-fin boards.




Grunt power, clad in a lightweight bombproof armour.


Building forth on the 2013 SADO 3G, the newest evolution of this striking sail line features a notable weight reduction, making it easier to take full advantage of the power generated to manhandle the sail through massive manoeuvres. The SADO 4G is all about power and control, allowing lighter surfers to take a smaller sail size and giving heavier surfers sufficient drive at all times.


•     Forward position profile giving the rider full drive at all times.

•     A straight cut sail foot between the sail base and outhaul cleat, shaped specifically for power and balance.

•     The moulded Kevlar fairing protects and lasts; never tearing or wearing out from being rubbed against hard surfaces.

•     The lower panel of the sail features hidden stitches, never hindering the structure of the sail as it is dragged across the rough non-skid surface of a board.

•     The construction and flow of the top batten twist controls the way the whole sail body catches the wind during cutbacks and assists sail rotation during manoeuvres.

•     A heavy duty, stainless steel, 3-roller downhaul pulley for effortless rigging.





Tuning:  It's simple! Once you have inserted mast the main points to look at for correct tuning are the following: Downhaul tension and batten tension.  Outhaul tension you can vary according to wind strength.

Downhaul Tension: when applying downhaul, you will see that between 1 and 2 from the top a horizontal 'V' shape will form from the loose material. The 'V' will have to be loose till half way towards the mast sleeve. The battens have to sit in line with the front of the mast.  No need to look at other areas to check the correct downhaul setting.  If you follow the specs given on the sail, with a Point-7 extension you will get it to the right trim immediately.  For more bump and jump condition you can pull a centimetre more downhaul.  

Batten settings:  Put good tension till you will see the profile on batten 1 and 5 from the top. The other battens need just enough tension to remove wrinkles. Don't over tension. 

Outhaul settings: Keep the outhaul positive 3cm in light wind and add up to 5cm in stronger conditions.




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