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The FWW Formula Race Sails 

We have in stock a  11m and a 12m at $1499 (RRP $2099)  - Great price !


Mike Pasco recently used his to place 2nd in his age group and 4th Overall at the 2015 NZ Nationals: “It’s a major break though in Sail design being very light and strong but very stable across a wide wind range.  It’s the best sail I have ever used and makes the Formula board and fin come alive with controllable high speed power and height.”

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Here is an overlook of the  Formula sail:


Developing a new world class Formula sail has been a natural step for the Black Team. As the design of the new sails is completely done by the Black Team we have decided to call the new Formula Racing range the FW1. Starting from the same idea as the AC-1 slalom, the key feature for this new upwind | downwind beast are the following
The sail has been designed with high aspect ratio outline for less drag. Instead of the 8 batten displacement, 9 Batten contruction for controlling better the leach twist. 5 type of batten configuration for optimizing the profile control throughout the wing. More luff curve then on the AC-1 slalom sails for more reflex. Deep lower profile for balancing the drive. Progressive leach opening for allowing power and speed according to needs. No base protection for quick tuning. 4 cams to force profile on the desired area of the sail.
The FW1 will be having a great drive from the profile and obtain his upwind ability from the more close middle leach compared to the AC-1 slalom. The main focus for the Black Team is to bring the FW1 not only to it's best upwind performance, but in having the sail to be able to tackle any situation that are standard to get caught on a race course during an event. A good balanced forward drive, a nice comfortanle power on the back hand, to decide for speed upwind, or extreme angle.
The development done on the AC1 slalom sail was proved with results at the PWA. Now the same work has been done with the winning motivation on the new FW1.


D4 S_4169


The Latest Point 7 sails! at the moment there is very little known about this sail as they have yet to be officially released however we are the first in the world to receive them and will have more information on them as we test them in the coming weeks. 





Rider Review:


"We are fortunate to have a lot of talented formula sailors in our team. We are super excited to have stepped up the development on this one, as it will be great to get 100% back into the discipline of formula sailing! We know how selective the Formula passionate sailors are, so we have worked towards their expectations. We have worked towards delivering a sail ready to free competitors from any uncomfortable situation without having to tack away. The chance to point high and going with more speed upwind, comfort, which is what you need when sailing these oversize sails!"



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