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Check out the graphics and you will realize where the R&D came from. Exactly! From the AC-1 race sail line. Featuring some new development steps which will also be found on the 2015 version of the AC-1. We started the development by comparing the differences between the AC-K and AC-1, and decided to reduce the differences and get the sails even closer to each other in terms of performance. We’ve worked on each detail starting from the new outline and new leech twist which now allows for the sail to open and release wind as a pure racing sail. What we kept was the mid sized more manageable luff pocket and a 3 cam set-up. The wind range, stability and smoothness of the sail is nothing but spectacular. The negative leech reduces drag at higher speeds and also gives a reduction of backhand pressure also higher winds. The top of the sail was equipped with a smaller head for more stability in stronger wind ad in the boom area more S-shaping was implemented over to the boom to improve overall acceleration in the sail. New Xply batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex. New batten tensioners for a cleaner exit. 

  • Power, combined with acceleration
  • Medium sized mast sleeve
  • 3 cam set-up
  • High speed and comfort in half wind
  • Easy to use
  • For national racing and being the fastest on the local spot
  • Full anti uv-monofilm


ack5G specs


AC-K 4G Overview: 

For who: The user-friendly race sail. Against a full blooded race sail the AC-K will be less demanding and more forgiving when jibing. The smaller mast sleeve is easier to waterstart with, but still wide enough to give you that real racing performance, feeling and enough speed win slalom events at national level or simply being the fastest guy in your spot. Winning with less stress!





It’s all in the details: This King is wearing more than just new clothes. The 4G version of this young classic is shining in its class with a new finely tuned power train which has grown alongside the AC-1 development program.

Taking all the explosive power and racing attitude from the full-blown racing line to a more manageable calibre. The AC-K 4G is the new weapon of choice for those who want blistering fast acceleration, locked down top speed and easy handling.



Tony Blasting on a  Exocet board & Point 7 Manly

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