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North Sails NZ have worked hard to make sure we that we have a range of P Class sail designs to suit your needs.

The P-Class is known to have a large range of weights and abilities spread around the classes competitors and as such the P Class requires several sail designs to make sure everyone is competitive.

Our design types are easy for you to identify on the race track by the color of the square background behind the North Sails logo.

All of our sails come complete with an option of 4 battens for the bottom 3 pockets to let you experiment and learn with the shape in the back of your sail and a light and heavy top batten. Our sails are also made from the new Contender 2.6oz Polykote fabric for the best performance.

S-7 Black

The S-7 is the flattest of our 4 main P class sail designs and is designed for lighter skippers and skippers new to the boats. Shaped straighter in the back of the sail as well as being flatter lets the S-7 accelerate a lot better in the gusts for the lighter skippers and also makes it a lot easier to sail with because it requires less sheet movement. This sail is suitable for skippers new to the P class and between the weights of 35 - 50 kg

VC-3 White

The VC-3 was the first of our sails designed specifically for the carbon masts. The most noticeable difference between this sail and our others is the layout of the panels that make up the sail, the VC-3 having a radial panel layout in the bottom area.
More powerful than the Black sail but slightly flatter and straighter in the back than the Blue sail, this sail very much suits skippers finding they need more power than the Black sail can provide but unsure whether they can handle the Blue sail on a carbon mast.
The VC-3 is targeted at skippers from 45 to 55 / 58kg.

M2 Blue

The M2 was originally developed for the alloy masts and is probably the most successful of our P-Class designs. This sail has won 2 of the last three tanner cups and most of the major regional contests in the same time period.
This sail is suitable for more experienced skippers and skippers that are between 45 and 55 kg
Blue 2000 A development of the standard blue sail which came from work with Brad Thom in 1999. Orientated for the stiffer carbon masts the Blue 2000 is the same basic design as the standard but has less luff curve to compensate for the stiffer mast than the alloy masts the blue sail was originally designed for.
With the carbon mast the recommended skippers weight for this sailis from 45kg to closer to 60kg

LC-7 Green

The LC8 Green sail is the most powerful sail we have. A deep sail with quite a round exit, this sail best suits alloy masts and heavier skippers. This sail is suitable for skippers upwards of 50 kgs kg.

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