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How does a Masters Age Sailor win an Open World Championships in one of the most competitive dingy classes in the World?
Michael has produced three products to help us mere mortals!  Michael Blackburn Special  all 3 for NZD $98
Sail Fitter
Sail Fitter : The complete guide to improving your fitness for sailing.

The book is a valuable reference for anyone who wants to improve their fitness for sailing.


Why this book?

  • A complete guide to physical training and preparation for racing.

  • Advice and tips for the beginning sailor through to international competitor and from youth to master

  • Simply applies the principles of nutrition, aerobic and anaerobic training to sailing

  • Advice on strength training and avoiding injury

  • Explains how to plan training and recover efficiently

  • Covers hiking techniques and lower back health and much, much more! 

Sail Fitter includes over 100 photos illustrating training exercises.  The text discusses gaining and losing weight, sailing nutrition, specific training sessions, hiking technique, trapezing fitness, sailboarding fitness, planning training, home fitness tests, recovery, sailing clothing, lower back health, travel, youth and masters training, on-water training and skill learning. 

Buy Sail Fitter NZD $32.50.

Links to Michael's additional Hints and Tips

Starting Watches          Choosing a PFD              Flexibility      The Hotel Work-out

DVD BASS STRAIGHT LASER - Michael Blackburn's record breaking sail across th

Bass Strait Laser DVD.  Amazing DVD of Michael crossing the Bass Strait in a Laser and setting the record for the fastest crossing.  This DVD also including Reaching & Runing Hints & Tips and Training drills.  Its worth buying just for the Hints & Tips from the World Champion, the crossing Bass Strait in a Laser footage is a bounus! DVD extras include: Extra sailing footage, Mast cam in 30kts, Training drills, Improve your speed, Winning downwind sail set-up and technique from the 2006 World Champion and Olympic Medallist

Buy Bass Strait Laser DVD NZD $34.50

MINDSKILLSCD - Michael Blackburn's World Championship Winning Sec

Michael's latest release!  This CD is so new, even Micheal has not had time to put it on his Website. Michael shares 14 performance enhancing tracks on this CD which features guided imagery on start preparation, mark rounding, perspective putting, sailing strategy, controlling arousal, relaxation, distraction control and focusing techniques.  A must for any moderate to advanced level sailor.

Buy Sailing Mind Skills CD NZD $38.50

Buy all 3 at the Special Price of NZD $98.00



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