Foil Drive Box Latch Protectors

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Super important parts to ensure the latches of your waterproof electronics box are not accidently opened while out on the water particularily by leg ropes!


Simply crack off the old ones if they have broken and clean up the surface then glue onto the box around the latch.


Replacing Latch Protectors on your Foil Drive™Updated 3 months ago

How to replace Latch Protectors for Foil Drive™ Assist and Assist PLUS

If your latch protectors have been damaged or are upgrading to the new V2 Latch Protectors, simply follow the steps below.

V2 latch protectors come with an added locking mechanism for fail-safe protection to prevent your latches from popping open when in use. These protectors are extremely important in keeping your box closed, and your battery dry. You can learn more about the V2 Latch Protectors here.

To purchase a replacement set, or upgrade your existing ones, please click here.

What you'll need:

Latch Protectors
Loctite 401 (Or two-part epoxy or similar)
Paint scraper / side cutters or similar
Fine sandpaper or file
Foil Drive Hex Driver




1. Place your electronics box flat on the lid 
(Note: Make sure the surface you are working on is clean so you do not scratch your lid).

2. Using a paint scraper or similar, slide the edge against the wall behind the latch protector and wiggle from side to side, applying an even downward pressure. 

3. If there is some of the latch protector or glue left on the box, remove it with the scraper or side cutters. 

4. Use some sandpaper or a file to remove any glue residue that may be left behind. 

5. Wipe over the electronics box to remove any dust or grit, we suggest spraying with an isopropyl alcohol. 

6. Before adding glue, ensure you have the correct latch protector. One of them will have an indent in the side, this is to go around the cable gland. Dry fit the latches before adding glue.

Image Left: See indent in top left corner, this is to sit around the cable gland
Image Right: There is no indent in the top left corner.

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