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From hours of high quality video - taken from onboard and chase boat cameras -


Rooster Sailing now offers Steve Cockerill´s Boat Whisperer concepts on DVD for everyone.

Mast head and transom mounted cameras captured the exciting footage of three sailors venturing out at Stokes Bay in 25-35 knots.


This DVD shows the Downwind action and presents a comprehensive debrief and investigation of the footage which enables Steve to communicate his unique perspective on sailing single-handed dinghies.

This DVD will be useful to both experienced and inexperienced helms to improve their technique and understanding of boat handling.


"Cockerill provides a constant narrative through-out both DVD´s using a patient and relaxed presentation. There is no quick go fast solution, Steve explains what to do, and what not to do in detail and uses the video shots and diagrams to illustrate his points. These DVD´s show you what books cannot and are well worth the investment as at each viewing you will always learn something".


Jeff Martin, Secretary of the International Laser Class Association

Available in either PAL format.

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See links for the Upwind and Downwind DVD´s sold seperately.

Better and cheaper than a new sail!, 11.17.2016
Reviewer: Greg Adams (Holland Park West, Qld)
Well... Why wouldn't you buy these DVD's. They are a long way cheaper than buying a new sail and will be much more effective. There was a sensational skiing book in the 80's called "Breakthrough on Skis: How to get out of the Intermediate Rut". Well I think these DVD's do for Laser sailing what that book did for skiing. If you are stuck in a rut, thinking you will never get this downwind thing or wondering why you are so slow upwind in a breeze then these DVD's have the answers and a whole lot more. Highly recommended

The Boat Whisper Upwind & Downwind, 10.16.2016
Reviewer: Mike Pasco <> (GULF HARBOUR, ZZ-Outside GB)
My son and I really enjoyed the DVD's. Steve in combination with the footage explained his amazing concepts really well. I had previously tried to glean them from the numerous books I had purchased but could not quite visualise everything that was happening. I used to hate going out in anything over 15 knots as I would be in good positions at the top mark and inevitably fall out at some stage going downwind or gybing at the wing mark. I had no time to practice the gybing and running concepts before my first races. It's spring and blowing a gale. 25+. My favourite conditions!! So I arrive at the start line on the five minute gun (as usual on a Sunday afternoons). I manage to try one of Steve's gybes before the start it worked! Bang! Off we go upwind playing the sheet as Steve says. First to the Top Mark, the Upwind DVD worked! Now let's see if the Downwind DVD was worth the money. It works a treat. I know what the boat is doing and why it's doing it. Gone is the fear of being thrown out to windward at speed or rounding up out of control. Still in the lead but some of those full rigs are close behind. Time to try my second Boat Whisperer Gybe! It better work. Wow that was easy and there is the usual carnage behind as everyone who tries a rudder instigated gybe ends up in the sea. Only one full rig makes it round the wing mark. Man I'm good, this heavy wind sailing is so easy. What's that? That bung has closed again and cockpit is filling fast in these winds and waves. If I could just reach it! Whoa! Didn't quite get it! I'll get it this time even if the boat wobbles a bit. Crash! Bang! Out to windward again! Maybe Steve could do a DVD about pulling the bung in 25+ I'd buy that one too.

most valuble purchase of the year, 8.19.2015
Reviewer: Michael Lewing <> (sutton in ashfield, Nottinghamshire)
Since watching the DVD's I have noticed an instant improvement in my results, thanks to the way that Steve puts across the obvious but un-noticeable facts on how the boat behaves in the large and minute waves. The different camera views that Steve has shown on the DVD's are just incredible and really make you feel like you are on board and makes it so much easier to understand, and take notes on how to increase performance, to survive in stronger winds and finally to understand the characteristics of how the boat wants to help each individual with the correct inputs from the sailors. cheers steve, Michael Lewing of ogston sailing club

Great perspective, 8.15.2006
Reviewer: Michael Blackburn (Manly Vale, NSW) 2006 Laser World Champion
I've certainly whispered to my boat a few times before Steve's DVDs came along - mostly it's "come on, hurry up" and often a little louder than a whisper! For the developing Laser racer, the Boat Whisperer DVDs go into specific detail of the key areas that most often slow the boat. With detailed explanations developed from Steve's own sailing and his time coaching you can't help but expand your knowledge of the factors affecting Laser performance. I also found the perspective of the unique top-of-mast camera invaluable to see how the rig behaves in different wind strengths. Michael Blackburn

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