BB Talk Advance Unit

BB Talk Advance Unit

This is our single Advance Unit package. You need one Advance Unit for each person you wish to communicate with. All our Advance Units are compatible with one another. If you have existing units, you can add an additional user to your communication set up by purchasing an additional Advance Unit.

The Advance Units have built in long range Bluetooth for real time communication. You do not need your cell phone or wireless network to connect. Our units connect to one another using their own built in Bluetooth. The Advance Unit features include: real time talk, phone, music, live recording, volume control, mute and more.

When in it’s waterproof case, it is 100% waterproof. The Advance Unit is the first ever waterproof equipment with the ability to live stream. You can pair 2, 3 or 4 people for real time talk using the Advance Unit. (6 can connect with limited range.)

You need to select a headset to plug into your Advance Unit. The headset connects by a male 3.5mm jack and has the microphone and speaker. Your choice of headset you select will be dependent on where and how you wish to use your units for communication. We offer popular sets online that come complete with headsets used frequently by customers.

Our headsets have an exclusive design which plug into the Advance Unit and screws into it’s casing. This exclusive design keeps the Advance Unit sealed and protected in it’s casing.

We offer 100% waterproof, weatherproof or non-waterproof headsets to go with your Advance Units.



1-piece set SKU: A01R

EAN: 4713309040344

Intercall talk time: 10 hours
Charge time: 2.5 hours
Weight: 62 g
Range: 1 km (1000 meters)
*2 way communication – line of sight
Waterproof: IPX 7
*must be in the waterproof case


Cable: Micro USB
AC Adapter less than 5V. *Do not use higher than 5V or this will damage the IC unit and void warranty.
Please make sure the device is completely dry before charging.


Battery life – in use: 10 hours

Charge time: 2.4 hours

Charging: AC Adaptor less than 5V

LED while charging:

Red = Advance Unit is charging

Blue = Advance Unit fully charged

LED while on:

Blue = Battery life 100%-60%

Purple = Battery life 60%-40%

Red = Battery low


Do NOT modify or disassemble the device.

If your Advance Unit gets damaged, stop using it immediately.

If your Advance Unit gets wet, stop using and immediately turn off. Let it completely dry in a climate controlled area. Do not try to turn your Advance Unit back on until completely dry. If your Advance Unit takes on water, it is most likely damaged beyond repair. Water damage is not covered under warranty.

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