Avanti Sail - Tempest


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size luff boom ext Battens cams mast weight
5.6 421 176/178 23 7 3 400 RDM 4.40
6.3 442 190/192 14 7 3 430 SDM 4.70
7 458 204/206 30 7 3 430 SDM 5.00
7.7 476 218/220 18 7 3 460 SDM 5.20
8.4 493 228/230 5 7 3 490 SDM 5.40
9.2 516 243/246 28 7 3 490 SDM 6.00

 tempest-10 lie


The Lightest Slalom
Sail Ever Made

With three cams, and seven battens, this unique performer will shattered your expectations and blur the lines of traditional freerace and race markets. Based on the highly-developed mold shapes of the Avanti M5 Machine, the new Tempest shares many performance characteristics with its renowned brother. In distilling the design and limiting the batten count, not only was weight saved, but rotation and acceleration are unmatched. This sail has been specially designed for light weight Slalom sailors and the pro/am segment. With a slightly narrower sock and a tighter leech- the result is a truly efficient slalom sail.

How fast is it? Let us be clear. Registering this sail with the PWA was not an accident. Give one a test, and get caught up in the storm.

condor-arc-cams on Tempist

 Performance Components

 ARC Cams. The Arc Cam’s defining attribute is an extra curved sidewall which perfectly matches aerodynamic requirements at the sails’ leading edge. These well-designed cams add stability and promote smooth rotation coming out of tacks and gybes.



“To truly design is to ask what can be removed, what can be simplified, without negatively affecting the end result. In challenging ourselves with a seven-batten skeleton, we pushed ourselves to create something extraordinary. We are proud to introduce the lightest, fastest, most efficient LW slalom sail ever.”

– Dan Kaseler

Tempest 2

A Storm is Born

At Avanti we set out to answer a simple, yet elusive question. Is it physically possible to build a lighter, easier to use slalom sail capable of performing at the World Cup level? Is the relationship of ease-of-use to performance truly a zero sum game? What happens if you dig deeper… try harder… develop further?

The answer is a product that only Avanti could deliver. Introducing something truly special.

Tempest 3

Ultra Lightweight

 Ultra Lightweight. Feather Weight Construction puts this sails weight 15-20% under industry standard.

 Updated Fiber Map. HotSpot clew to luff trajectories, and more fiber on the head to tack load line – keep shape locked and control twist, especially up high.

Tempest 6


Advanced Fibers

 PRO Membrane Matrix, our lightest competition oriented layup.

 Black and Gold Twaron fiber ensure sails that are super light, low-stretch, and impact resistant


Tempest 7


Performance & Durability

 High Load Seams Adhesive under key seams eliminate thread combing and typical luff section creep.

 Spectra Webbing & Batten Looplets. Unbelievably low stretch Spectra webbing reduces energy loss and unwanted stretch at headcap, while Spectra batten looplets reduce batten tension migration.

 Warlord Nylatron Tack Pulley. Nylatron tack pulley wheels that are 40% lighter than a stainless steel equivalent reduce friction for easier down-hauling. Design is optimized for use in combination with Formuline Spectra downhaul rope.

Tempest 10

Aerodynamic Advancements

 No Center-Seam Sock Design. A seamless sock center provides the perfect aerodynamic entry.

 Increased shaping along the sock sew down line eliminate leeward side hardspots where sock meets sailbody.


Tempest 9

Rock Solid Skeleton

 Rainbow Batten Trajectories. Rainbow Batten Trajectories minimize pocket stretch and ensure rigged symmetry.

 Anti-Abrasion Silicon Bumpers, U-Channel & PVC X-Batten Strips prevent unnecessary wear.

 MicroLight Batten Tensioners provide balanced loading and even skin tension.


Tempest 11

Ultimate Protection

 Helix Leech Plys minimize cyclical flexing along a given line and extend longevity and toughness of leech.

 Teijin 8083 luff sleeve material gives excellent durability and repels water.

 Kevlar Reinforced Fairings give maximum durability against abrasion.

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