Avanati Sail - Echo


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size luff boom ext Battens cams mast weight
4 372 145 4 4 0 370 SPINE RDM 2.40
4.4 387 153 19 4 0 370 SPINE RDM 2.50
4.8 405 159 7 4 0 400 SPINE RDM 2.60
5.2 418 166 20 4 0 400 SPINE RDM 2.80
5.6 436 171 8 5 0 430 SPINE RDM 3.00
6.2 453 182 25 5 0 430 SPINE RDM 3.20


The all-new Echo debuts as a no-compromise sail for those who demand the best dedicated trickster on the market. This sail is designed for those who push the limits of freestyle and forge a new standard for our sport. The latest edition features an even more compact outline, flatter foot batten profiles, a tight leech, and ample luff curve down low. Unlock massive flat-water tricks by tapping into the custom membrane’s limitless pop. The ultra-light HD Membrane Matrix locks profiles, yet delivers and easy breathing feel. Compared to previous iterations, the Dacron luff panel has been narrowed up, while luff curves have been updated to give maximum drive and acceleration. A straight-cut foot outline, and improved trajectory mapping, keep the head and leech properly supported. The new sails have the perfect amount of profile to get you rolling, and an amazing ability to snap flat when unloaded. Put this altogether with a brand-new lamination standard, and you have something truly remarkable



Modeling a good tapered, one-piece sock isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Eliminating the center seam to reduces turbulence, equalizes leading edge elasticity, and adds durability.



To get unrivaled pop out of the rig, the Echo utilizes a narrow Dacron luff panel in concert with a membrane leech plate. The Dacron allows our freestyle sail to sit flat, and eases transitions during aggressive moves.



The trailing end of the foot batten sits along a Illustrator line from boom end to tack. This means free and easy duck moves and comfortable handling during a freestyle maneuver.

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