AFS Wing Wilf 5.0


AFS Wing Wilf 5.0

Ultra Rigid Canopy

Spinnaker tension has been maximized to obtain a wide range of use. This taut profile allows the generation of a constant force in order to go into lightwind. The hollow of the WING is marked by an additional panel between the batten and the spinnaker. This will give you a direct feeling and efficient pumping.

Compact Design

Its compact and stable profile allows you to jibe without worrying about your wing and above all to surf without thinking about it. The variable diameter of the leading edge provides better manoeuvrability and a smaller footprint. A thicker leading edge in the center prevents any deformation of your WILF in high range or your jumps. A thinner diameter at the ends allows the WING to “breathe” to optimize the fluid flow.

Easy to use

We have chosen to have only two wide handles (2.8m2, 3.4m2, 4m2, 5m2 – and three on the 6m2) allowing for optimal hand placement and a light wing. You can then position your hands as you wish to find the position that suits you. 

A deflation valve is located on the central slat allowing you to deflate and store your wing more easily. 

Reinforced construction

The spinnaker is the Teijin T9669, a reference in the world of kitesurfing, providing increased strength.

Various reinforcements have been added on the leading edge to provide abrasion resistance. After various tests, the positioning of these reinforcements was done in a practical and thoughtful way in order to have one of the lightest WING on the market.

Model details

  2.8m2 3.4m2 4m2 5m2 6m2
Wingspan (m) 2.5 2.7 2.9 3.3 3.65
Range of use (75 kg gauge) 20 – 40 knots 18 – 35 knots 15 – 35 knots 10 knots – 28 knots 8 knots – 25 knots


AFS Wilf 5m Wing Review By customer Andrew Wilson 10th of March, 2022

Initial impression

The AFS Wilf 5m wing is similar in size and shape to my 5m Smik V1. Note that the sail cut of the AFS wing looks better, is more taught and also has a better shape. It is a very handsome looking wing.

wilf 5m wing.jpg


The AFS Wing comes in a very smart bag and the wing itself looks very up to date and very well cut  – you can tell it has been developed very recently with a lot of learning from other wings incorporated into it. It is very well made and the materials appear excellent.

wilf bag.jpg

It uses the connector that is the standard (base or first) on most pump hoses so you will not need a special connector.

pump end.jpg

On the water

The AFS (Alien Foiling System) wing feels very like the Smik. Both have very good low end grunt in light winds, pump well and have excellent top end control in stronger winds. Powered up it feels great and I soon think of it as having very similar handling and performance to the very successful Smik.

The only differences I can discern are in the sounds they make, the handles and in one handed flag out behavior. OK my Smik has had a lot of use but it sounds noisier and is flappier when depowered or close to luffing by comparison to the AFS.


The AFS has only two handles, like the F-One wings which may suit you. I like to have the option of standing up on the board in a lull with the wing partly powered (lifting) with a positive angle of attack, but using only one hand. You can’t do this with only two handles. What you can easily do is add a cord or as I have done with my F-One 8m, add a carbon handle between the webbing handles for this purpose. Many won’t even agree that this is useful so it is not a big issue but if you are like me it is easily sorted. The two AFS webbing handles themselves are very comfortable and feel a good size to me just like the Smik. By comparison the F-One handles on the 8m feel too small in diameter for my taste though I hook in for going up wind so there is little pull on them.

On that note the AFS comes with a hook in line, (very handy) and connection points for the line also.

wilf 5m 3.jpgwilf 5m strap.jpg

Flag Out

When you are surfing waves and you are up to speed and in position on the wave face, if you are like me, you would prefer to dump the wing altogether! This lasts for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to many minutes depending on the waves and your skill level but at some point you want the wing back again before you run out of foiling speed. During this “surf foil” phase the best you can do is hold the wing in one hand by the leading edge handle and hope it keeps out of trouble – the Smik won the contest among a large number of wings for this very behavior a year or so ago and has been recently updated to the V2. By comparison the AFS wing felt more volatile while being one handed since it swung around more.

Weight comparison

This was an average of six measurements each: three with electronic luggage scales, three with mechanical (fish) scales.

AFS: 2.4kg
Smik: 2.2kg

Conclusion: not much difference.


Would I be able to tell them apart on the water if I was blind folded – I am not sure, maybe not. The Smik (V1) might be a bit noisier. In any case the AFS Wilf 5m looks fantastic, works very well indeed and you will not be disappointed if you buy one.

wilf 5m wing 2.jpg





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