Our Goals @ nzsailing.com & watersports.net.nz are:

To reduce the costs of Sailing & other watersports so that more people will be able to enjoy the benefits of Sailing, Surfing, Surf Life Saving,  SUP, Paddling, Windsurfing, Kite Surfing, Kayaking, Jet & Water Skiing, Waka Ama,  Boating & Fishing.  We try to have the most competitive prices and if we don't, or if you want something that we have not got listed, please tell us and we will help you to get the best deal possible.

Support Sailing clubs & classes, Watersports & Wind sport clubs, Surf Life Saving clubs & Sponsored Sailors and Athletes by discounting our already low prices on every purchase they make.  

Provide support to these clubs and sponsored athletes with free products and financial support. 




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NZ Sailing Ltd started in 2005 when Mike Pasco was inspired to try and get more children out on the water and sailing. 

He could see the benefits for children (and adults) from getting out there into nature rather than sitting in front of a screen of some description.  The Mahurangi and Kerikeri College Sailing Teams were a great example of this to Mike and so when Yachting NZ stopped funding Stephanie Hazzard and her Koru Match team before the 2012 Olympics, it was pleasing that NZ Sailing, with the support of our customers, was able to help them was able to help Koru Match reach their goal of going to the Olympics.


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Over the year's we have now been able to support a wide range of water and wind sports.  From Waka ama clubs, Surf Life Saving NZ and many Surf Life Savings clubs, Land yacht clubs and sailors, Kayak and fishing clubs, Jet Ski and Stand Up Paddle boarders to Surfers.  One of the most pleasing results of our sponsorships was seeing two teenagers Josh Junior & Andy Maloney grow into great ambassadors of sailing and watch them bring the America's Cup home to NZ in 2017 and now 2021.


Andy Maloney and Josh Junior.jpg       Americas cup 2017.jpg   waka ama5 secondary school 2015 waka ama nationals,13 yr girls, 18 year boys _2_ CROPED.jpg


Mike started teaching children how to sail at the Manly Sailing Club and continually hit the problem that after the 6 week Yachting NZ course the children and parents were keen to continue Sailing but they couldn't afford it.  Mike wondered why everything else in the world seemed to have got cheaper but "Sailing" and "Watersports" gear was so expensive?  Mike was on a sabbatical so he decided to investigate if he could find out if Sailing and Watersport gear users were being "ripped off"?  From that investigation, he understood that the market was getting smaller and smaller and businesses were increasing their profit margins to make up for lost sales.  It seemed like visious circle with higher prices leading to less sales, so requiring even higher prices and development of monopolies as fewer and fewer businesses were left selling Sailing and Watersports gear


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Mike thought that by using a different business model of lower profit margins and higher turnover he could encourage more people onto the water and let more people enjoy the benefits and blessings of New Zealand's waterways and coastline.  Mike contacted brands who shared his passion and philosophy and used his extensive business knowledge to work on keeping the costs of running the business very low and passing these benefits onto NZ Sailing's customers.  NZ Sailing started with www.nzsailing.com and www.watersports.com.nz online stores and now has grown to represent many brands with wholesale and retail in the Asia Pacific region and exports all around the world.  NZ Sailing has a 600 square metre Warehouse and Factory Shop and Windsurfing & Stand Up Paddle Board School.


We are pleased to partner with the Russell Coutts Sailing Foundation & Manly Sailing Club who share our goals to get more people sailing.



                                                                         Sir Russell Coutts & Harold Bennett 

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NZ Sailing Ltd started with a Sailing focus but has grown and grown to encompass all Watersports.  We still stick to our original goals of trying to help people out and get people onto the water and we have helped many groups from Bluelight, Waka ama Clubs, Schools, Surf Clubs and Sailing Clubs and Sailors in NZ and all over the world, so if your organisation or teams needs some gear please contact us we would love to help.

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Total donations-Discounts $1,590,017.68

nzsailing.com is keen to help Sailing & Watersports clubs around New Zealand and Asia Pacific so please contact us if you have an Event coming up soon and would like us to help with prizes.  Please Register or Contact us with any questions 

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