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2007 Takapuna Sailing Centre & Sail the World Celebration

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The Takapuna Sailing Centre Laser Icebreaker Regatta lived up to its name on Sunday 2 September as winds averaged 20 knots with regular gusts to 30 knots throughout the day.

 Day 3 Icebreaker Ray BealeDay 3 Icebreaker Sara
Above Grand Master Ray Beale & Right Open Womens Champion Sara Winther 

These conditions provided a real test for those sailors who were brave enough to experience these early spring conditions.  There were 65 sailors across the Laser 4.7, Laser Radial and Laser Standard fleets, which was less than expected, as the wintry conditions kept many sailors at home.

Laser Icebreaker camp Day 3laser icebreaker camp guys day 3
Above Some of the guys from the Laser 4.7s fleet at Lunch, from Left Robert Pasco, Travis Dow (Champion), Chris Steele,
Daniel Jones, Nick Croft, Scott Tillet.

 The Laser 4.7 fleet sailed on the inner course with less seaway than the outer course but consequently had big winds shifts from the sheltering cliffs.  The Sailors had to use all the skills they had learnt at the previous 2 day training camp just to stay in the boats.  The 4.7s managed to get their 5 scheduled races completed with 3 in the morning and 2 after lunch. Travis Dow from Whangarei Cruising Club showed why he is the 2007 NZ National Champion in the Laser 4.7 with 3 wins in the Morning.  He was followed by the pack of Scott Tillet, Daniel Jones, Chris Steele, Sarah Thom and Robert Pasco all sitting on 12 to 14 Points.  Straight after lunch Travis had a 5th which gave some hope to the pack, but he won the last race to take the Title easily.  Chris Steele 2007 World Optimist Champion showed his sailing talent by improving over the Regatta.  Chris had first sailed in a Laser 4.7 the day before and remarked with a big smile on his face when sailing the 4.7 out to race after lunch “that it was the fastest he had ever gone in a sailboat!”  Chris had two 5th places in the first 2 races of the day but finished with three 2nds, to take 2nd place 1 point ahead of 1st Girl and 3rd overall Sarah Thom and 5 points ahead of 4th Robert Pasco.  Daniel Jones and Scott Tillet did not do as well in the afternoon and Nick Croft, another fast improving ex Opti sailor, had a good afternoon with 1st and 4th to move up to 6th overall.   The NZ Laser Association is pleased with the growth of the Laser 4.7 class and with 17 sailors taking part over the course of the Training camp & Regatta and will now provide support for a Team of 4.7 Sailors to go the Laser 4.7 Worlds in Croatia in August 2008.  The Association will also be arranging more 4.7 Regatta to help Travis Dow prepare for the 2007 Worlds in South Africa at the end of this year

coming home IcebreakerDay 3 Icebreaker Phil
Above Coming home after a long day and Right Phil Clark (Manly committee member)

The Laser Radials & Standard Rigs battled the full force of the wind and waves over long testing courses which led to a few sailors deciding that they wouldn’t be going out again after lunch and that only 4 races could be completed.  In the Standard Rigs Aaron Hume-Merry from Evans Bay in Wellington sailed well all day in winds that to him were just a Gentle Zephyr, while his softer mates from Auckland went home after lunch.  Aaron won 1st overall and 1st Youth.  Murray Thom proved that some sailors from Auckland have some backbone, and did very well in the conditions he loves, to take 2nd overall and 1st Master.  Andy Maloney from Kerikeri was 3rd overall and 2nd Youth.  Pete Thomas from South Africa also sailed very well to take 4th overall and 2nd Master with another Auckland sailor and long time servant of the NZ Laser Association Bob Blakey taking 5th overall and 1st Grand Master.

Manly SC_ ISAF2007_ CakeWhimps
Above the cake celebrating the ISAF 100 year birthday and Left some sailors who decided to head home after lunch and missed the cake!

In the Laser Radials, 2006 World Apprentice Master Champion Mark Orams had a good battle with 2007 World Apprentice Master 2nd place getter Mark Page and New Zealand’s top Female sailors Sara Winther & Jo Aleh. Jo Aleh who has just returned for China where she won Silver in the Olympic Test event, found the conditions the complete opposite to what she has been preparing and training for in China where they struggle to get wind.  That said, Jo did very and beat most of her heavier male opponents finishing 4th overall and 2nd Women.  Sara did really well with 2nds beating both Marks at some point in the Regatta, unfortunately she had the only OCS out of 65 boats over 13 races and that put paid to her chances of the overall Title, but she does get the prize of being the OOD for the Manly Boxing Day Regatta and of course 3rd overall and 1st women.  Mark Orams won beating Mark Page by 2 points but I thought I heard someone say that Mark Orams sail was lot newer!  Andrew Childs sailed well to win first youth and he was very happy when he won the spot prize of a Rooster Radial Training Sail!  Not a bad return for the $15 entry fee

Day 3 Icebreaker MarkoDay 3 Icebreaker Jo

Above Mark Orams (Radial Champion) and Right Jo Aleh so the form that won her Silver at the Olympic Test Event

At the Prize giving Manly Sailing Club were pleased to welcome some ISAF guests including Hal Wagstaff former ISAF International Vice-President, David Cook - former Chairman of the ISAF Centreboard Committee and Richard Endean - former Chairman of the ISAF Match Racing Committee.  Hal Wagstaff gave a touching and memorable speech about ISAF and the 100 year Birthday celebrations and presented a Birthday Cake which he got Jo Aleh and Chris Steele to cut.  Sailors and Guests then went home to bed and slept like they had been partying all weekend after being beaten up on the water all day, except of course for Aaron Hume-Merry who could not see what everyone was complaining about!

Day 3 Icebreaker Mike ParkerManly SC_ ISAF2007_ Jo_ Chris
Above Master Mike Parker wishing he had a Radial Rig & right Jo & Chris cut the Cake. 

  Manly Sailing Club
  • Laser 4.7 Fleet

    Sailed:5, Discards:1, To count:4, Entries:16, Scoring system:ISAF standard scoring
    180214Travis DowYouthWhangarei CC1.01.01.0(5.0)
    7Chris SteeleYouthWakatere(5.0)
    178631Sarah ThomYouthManly(6.0)
    184690Robert PascoYouthManly4.0(6.0)
    6Scott TilletYouthManly2.04.06.0(7.0)
    8Nick CroftYouthWakatere(9.0)
    5Daniel JonesYouthManly3.03.0(8.0)
    11Claudia MesaricYouthManly7.0(8.0)
    180213Ian SchipperYouthWakatere8.
    177768Nick MahoneyYouthWakatere(17.0 DNF)
    4Henry MaddeverYouthChristchurch10.011.010.0(DNC)DNC65.048.011th
    2Alex PriorYouthManly11.012.012.0(DNC)DNC69.052.012th
    2Julia TilletYouthManly(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC85.068.013th
    1Bree GriffithsYouthManly(17.0 DNF)DNCDNCDNCDNC85.068.013th
     Timothy WallYouthManly(17.0 DNF)DNCDNCDNCDNC85.068.013th
    175282Jack CollinsonYouthWakatere(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC85.068.013th
  • Radial Fleet

    Sailed:4, Discards:1, To count:3, Entries:26, Scoring system:ISAF standard scoring
    157149Mark OramsAppr MasterBrowns Bay1.01.0(3.0)1.0 6.03.01st
    170537Mark PageAppr MasterManly2.0(3.0)1.02.0 8.05.02nd
    181881Sarah WintherOpenTakapuna6.02.02.0(27.0 ocs) 37.010.03rd
    8Jo AlehOpenSandspit3.0(4.0)4.03.0 14.010.04th
    95Mike KeetonMasterWakatere4.0(5.0)5.04.0 18.013.05th
    187893Mike KnowsleyAppr MasterManly5.06.07.0(8.0) 26.018.06th
    187890Andrew ChildsYouthMurrays Bay(7.0) 26.019.07th
    184218Spencer LoxtonYouthWhangarei(16.0) 43.027.08th
    187891Mike PascoAppr MasterManly(19.0) 48.029.09th
    181966Tom SpeedGrt Grnd MasterTamaki10.010.09.0(12.0) 41.029.010th
    18194Luke DeeganYouthHowick15.0(17.0)13.09.0 54.037.011th
    188800Joshua WeeksYouthNapier12.0(16.0)14.011.0 53.037.012th
    150092Jessica BarrellYouthTorbay18.0(27.0 DNF)12.010.0 67.040.013th
    163936Nigel HalliburtonYouthTamaki8.08.0(DNC)DNC 70.043.014th
    176919Jim QuinnGrt Grnd MasterTamaki9.011.0(DNC)DNC 74.047.015th
    170535Jack HansenGrt Grnd MasterTamaki14.09.0(DNC)DNC 77.050.016th
    171101Tim ShortMaster 77.050.017th
    850Briar Dye-HutchinsonYouthMurrays Bay13.013.0(DNC)DNC 80.053.018th
    181875Georgi YankovAppr MasterMurrays Bay(27.0 DNF)DNC15.013.0 82.055.019th
    177516Stewart MorleyAppr MasterTamaki17.015.0(DNC)DNC 86.059.020th
    171924Kayne JacobsonYouthOnerahi11.0(27.0 DNF)DNCDNC 92.065.021st
    167075Chris SmithYouthTorbay21.018.0(DNC)DNC 93.066.022nd
    136690Thomas BorrmannMasterTorbay22.0(27.0 DNF)DNCDNC 103.076.023rd
    159927Thomas BarkerYouthWhangarei(DNC)DNCDNCDNC 108.081.024th
    181871Averil HibbardYouthTaipa(DNC)DNCDNCDNC 108.081.024th
    188809Vincent SaundersYouthGlendowie(27.0 DNF)DNCDNCDNC 108.081.024th

    Full rig Fleet

  • Sailed:4, Discards:1, To count:3, Entries:23, Scoring system:ISAF standard scoring
    182967Aaron Hume-MerryYouthEvans Bay(4.0) 9.05.01st
    177771Murray ThomMasterManly(5.0) 11.06.02nd
    18Andy MaloneyYouthMurrays Bay(7.0) 16.09.03rd
    088Pete ThomasMasterWakatere8.0(13.0)4.06.0 31.018.04th
    175277Bob BlakeyGrand MasterTamaki(13.0) 33.020.05th
    183004Ian GladwellMasterWakatere(11.0) 32.021.06th
    156993Josh WildYouthKohi(10.0) 33.023.07th
    181719Nick PageMasterPupuke9.07.09.0(11.0) 36.025.08th
    181999Blair LindsayYouthMurrays Bay1.03.0(DNC)DNC 52.028.09th
    181996Colin CaldwellMasterPupuke14.5(15.0)8.07.0 44.529.510th
    162112Ray BealeGrand MasterPupuke(12.0) 43.031.011th
    178664Jason GealeOpenPupuke3.06.0(DNC)DNC 57.033.012th
    185379Lloyd AndrewsYouthMurrays Bay6.04.0(DNC)DNC 58.034.013th
    181880Max AndrewsYouthMurrays Bay2.010.0(DNC)DNC 60.036.014th
    3Phil ClarkAppr MasterManly(24.0 DNF) 61.037.015th
    161272Ian WallaceOpenPanmure16.0(17.0)10.013.0 56.039.016th
    136712Mike ParkerMasterManly17.0(18.0)12.012.0 59.041.017th
    181964Mike DaviesAppr Master 18.016.0(DNC)DNC 82.058.018th
    185382Brendan McCartyYouthKerikeri14.5(24.0 DNF)DNCDNC 86.562.519th
    158832Mike ClarkAppr MasterMaraetai(24.0 DNF)DNCDNCDNC 96.072.020th
    175278Marcus FrithMasterManly(24.0 DNF)DNCDNCDNC 96.072.020th
    187887Malcom McCowanGrand MasterManly(DNC)DNCDNCDNC 96.072.020th
    156765Denis MaddeverGrand MasterChristchurch(24.0 DNF)DNCDNCDNC 96.072.020th
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