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At first glance the most obvious difference is that our 3/4 hikers have now grown to full length,
offering increased protection from knocks and bruises as well as eliminating those pesky hiker tan lines.
             Pro Hikers Long leg 2017
The Rooster Pro Hikers have evolved! -   LONG LEG to protect the shins
Size Chart

The size chart is a guide for your particular build, where there is a choice between two sizes it is better to opt for the smaller size as these will give less movement between you and the boat. 

Build Height
  1.4m 1.5m 1.6m 1.7m 1.8m 1.9m >1.9m
Small/ Slim Build - - 2 2/3 2/3 3 3/4
Regular/ Medium Bld       - 2/3 3 3/4 3/4 4 5
Larger Build 2 3/4 4 5/6 5/6 5/6 6
The pre-bent construction allows for a natural, unrestricted hiking posture, while the super stretch high waist and adjustable shoulder straps provide a confident fit.
The 5mm seat panel and fixed hiking pad adds further comfort and maximum lift allowing you to feel more connected to the boat than ever.
The fixed hiking battens feature a 500D PVC outer layer for extra grip and durability whilst the high tenacity polyamide reinforcements on the knees provide the extra protection and resilience required for top level performance.   When layered appropriately the 5/3mm glued and blind stitched construction is suitable for all year round use making these an ideal partner for your kitbag.
These Hiking shorts are designed with fixed pad for comfort,  that not only allow the sailor to experience pain free hiking, but more importantly, if the sailor concentrates on keeping the inboard end of the pad as close as possible to horizontal,  then the outboard end is equally more horizontal which helps you increase your leverage and gives more free-board over the water - the sailor can sail the boat flatter which is faster!

Classic range of Hike Shorts have set the standard for hikers in the sailing industry for many years and will continue to be as popular as ever.

However, as no two sailors are the same shape or size, we wanted to give the sailor more choice. The Rooster Pro range of Hikers have removable pads (available in Four different sizes) so that you can decide just where you would like the Pads need to sit. The more comfortable you are whilst hiking then the faster you will go! The pads simply attach with Velcro to the inner lining of the hikers.
Steve Cockerill has a long femur to height ratio - so He uses small Pro Hikers - and Medium Pads. He is 78Kg and 5'8". Generally ladies have a shorter femur than men which is why we have produced an XS pad - and a range of shorter versions. The 'S' version are all about 2" shorter on the leg length.  Short versions are still 3/4 length - but are 2" shorter in femur (thigh bone) length.
Positioning the pads can be done by putting the pads in a plastic sleeve, so allowing you to put them into the correct position without the velcro getting in the way - then removing the plastic sleeve to fix them in place. You still may find that you need to move the pads again for ultimate comfort. We suggest that you mark the position of the pads once you have found the ideal position.
I find that the fabric on the inside of the hiking shorts has enough memory of the pads position to help replacing the pad correctly. These really are the ultimate hikers but if your worried about positioning the pads, why not take a look at our 'Classic' range with fixed battens.

Shown in the picture Andrew Murdoch with a Rooster Hot Top
Use Rooster Lycra Shorts to give you the right amount of grip and slip and prevent damage to your neoprene from an abrasive deck.
2013- Princesa- Sofia- Palma-00516.
Josh Junior - America's Cup Team Emirates New Zealand Crew 2017 
- wearing Rooster Pro Hiking Shorts and other Rooster gear when he won a bronze medal, 2013.
Used by Laser World #2 Andrew Murdoch - 2016   MODEL 3/4 leg

Size Guide

Pro Hiker Shorts Pad Size Guide

Pro Hike Short size XS S M L XL
Weight (kg)
55 65 75 85 95
Suggested Pad Size
XS or S M M L L


Rooster 3/4 Hike Length Hike Sorts Size Chart

    1.2m 1.37m 1.52m 1.6m 1.67m 1.75m 1.83m 1.9m Giant
    4' 4'6" 5' 5'3" 5'6" 5'9" 6' 6'3" Giant
6st 4lb
7st 1lb
7st 12lb
8st 9lb
  XXS XS XS XS XS - - -
9st 6lb
10st 3lb
    S S S S S S -
    S S S S S S S
11st 11lb
    S S S S S S S
12st 8lb
    M M M M S - M S - M S - M
13st 5lb
    - M M M M M S - M
14st 2lb
    - M M M M M - L M - L
14st 13lb
    - - L L L L L
15st 10lb
    - - L L L L XL
16st 7lb
    - - L XL XL XL XL
17st 5lb
    - - XL XL XL XL XL

The above chart is a guide to the size of hiking shorts that you will need for your particular build, where there is a choice between two sizes it is better to opt for the smaller size as these will give less movement between you and the boat.

For the shorter, heavier sailors (you know who you are) the three quarter length shorts with the short leg option will be best unless your legs are particularly long in relation to your height!


I went out sailing in my Paper Tiger at Torbay with the new Rooster Pro hikers

They were just perfect.

I hikers were so comfortable and the pads were in the perfect spot
Derek Scott
North Sails One Design 2017



Note Neoprene degrades in Sunlight so don't leave out in the Sun as this will reduce the life of the product

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